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DeHedge is a company, whose activities are aimed at protecting the interests of cryptocurrency investors and projects, advancing the development of the crypto economy as a whole.

The founders of DeHedge are confident that the development of the cryptocurrency market depends on the safety of investments and the reliability of business projects.

We are convinced that businesses are obliged to protect the interests of their stakeholders and investors.

We strive to make the market less speculative and reduce the level of fraud, so money is raised not for profit, but for the development of projects.

There are many unresolved issues on the novel crypto market, but the market will become more civilized thanks to projects like DeHedge.

We have postulated the rules of a respectable start-up and will abide by them, so they may form the basis for the development of the entire blockchain industry.

The DeHedge rules of a respectable start-up:
1. We freeze for a period of one year the tokens allocated to the DeHedge development team and Advisors, so investors and stakeholders can be confident that the development of the project is our highest priority.
2. The DeHedge development team receives no more than 15% of the total sum of issued tokens.
3. We stand against large bonuses and discounts on ICOs, as such measures lead to drops in the price of tokens on the secondary market.
4. We apply the Cliff-Token Sale protocol, which temporarily suspends the resale of project tokens. The longer the suspension period, the higher the discount on the purchase of tokens. This approach excludes the possibility of a sharp drop in the price of tokens on the secondary market after the ICO and negates the speculation factor.
5. We collect funds in rounds, and we will conduct subsequent rounds only after receiving confirmation from the market on the need to scale the business.
6. We justify the amount of fundraising according to the venture classification Total Addressable Market, Serviceable Available Market, Serviceable & Obtainable Market.
7. We present an MVP before releasing tokens to evaluate the attractiveness of our product.
8. We will make an official market-making of our position on the stock exchange.
9. We do not cooperate with entities or individuals engaged in speculating the value of tokens on the exchange, realizing that this is a violation of the law and is blatant fraud.
10. We assign all intellectual property rights to the legal entity of our project.
11. We will publish financial statements in Fiat and Cryptocurrency every quarter.
12. We welcome any independent audit of the technical and financial part of the project.

DeHedge calls on all diligent and non-indifferent entrepreneurs, investors and token owners to ratify the Manifesto and disseminate it among authors of other ICO projects.

The signing of the Manifesto for free, no obligation, but only shows that you publicly share the good rules of a startup and ready to follow them.

We would like to turn your attention to the fact that ratification of this document will be mandatory for companies that wish to cooperate with DeHedge in the future.

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