Frequently asked questions

General questions

How can I use DeHedge tokens (DHT)?
What is the nature of DHT tokens?
Can I mine DHT?
Can you issue more tokens?
Will the team benefit from a growing DHT rate?

ICO details

What currencies do you accept?
Do you have an official wallet address to send funds to?
What are the minimum and maximum investment amounts?
How much does 1 DHT cost, and how many of them do you plan to issue?
When are you launching an ICO?
I’m a US/China/Singapore citizen. Can I participate in the project?

DeHedge platform

Did you create your own blockchain?
Why did you opt for Ethereum?
What happens to a DHT token after I buy hedging?
What happens if all tokens are burned?
How will you estimate the price of hedged tokens?
What currency will hedging compensation be tied to?
What is the currency of hedging payouts?
Can I buy hedging for anything but DHT tokens?
How will the team make money after the funds raised for the ICO end?
When do you plan to launch the platform officially?
Won’t the risks pertaining to cryptocurrency markets make hedging too expensive?
Can there be a situation where you can’t pay out?