Risk-hedging platform
for cryptocurrency investors

We protect money invested in ICOs and cryptocurrencies.

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1 DHT = $0,0165
Hard Cap — $3’000’000
1 DHT = $0,020625
Hard Cap — $30’000’000
Min investment $100
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High risks require hedging tools

$300 million

ICO investment losses in 2017

$50 million

Temporary losses of The DAO investors

~ $7 million

Money stolen during the DeOS ICO

~ 60%

Bitcoin volatility within one week
* Based on data from coinschedule.com at the beginning of October 2017

DeHedge offers an infrastructure that can protect cryptocurrency investors

What is DeHedge?

DeHedge is the decentralized risk-hedging platform for cryptocurrency investors. DeHedge hedges investments in ICOs and cryptocurrencies, safeguarding investors in case of exchange rate fluctuations, scams, and project cancellations.

Automatic pay out
DeHedge’s smart contracts are programmed to automatically pay out in full in case of a hedged event.

DeHedge uses Ethereum, which is a public blockchain. The investor can waive an automatic pay out and opt not to make a hedging claim.
The hedging is backed by the hedging reserve
The investor's activation of hedging coverage is reserved by a smart contract, which implies the formation of collateral for the full coverage of losses incurred by the investor.

The investor has the ability to track the volume of reserved compensation at any moment via blockchain technology.

What DeHedge Offers

For ICO Investors
Safety of your investments
For Cryptocurrency Traders
We protect against exchange rate volatility
For Heads of Investment Funds
We retain profitability and attract new investors
For ICO projects
We help to attract investors and protect against post-listing pump & dump schemes
For ICO Trading Venues
We help in attracting large investments in a project
For Mining Farm Vendors
We protect against exchange rate volatility


Step 1: Investments and Hedging
An investor buys ICO A tokens and checks if such ICO is hedged and scored at DeHedge.com. If the ICO is scored at DeHedge, the investor buys a necessary amount of DeHedge tokens at their exchange rate and uses them to pay for the hedging coverage. The price is calculated automatically.
Step 2: Automatic Pay Out
In case of a hedged event, DeHedge automatically pays out. DeHedge allows hedged users to customize their payout settings.
Step 1: Choice of Terms and Payment
 The investor chooses a traded token, the hedging period, and the range of exchange rate changes covered by hedging. The investor pays for hedging coverage with DeHedge or Ether tokens.
Step 2: Automatic Pay Out
In case of a hedged event, DeHedge automatically pays out. DeHedge allows hedged users to customize their payout settings.


Using DHT Tokens, you can later purchase a hedging option for the ICO you want to participate in. You can protect your investments from exchange rate fluctuations, and, finally, you can get hedging for various circumstances, such as project cancellations or non-listing.

Already now you can purchase project tokens with hedging for up to 6 months.

Projects tokens that you can buy with hedging
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Why DeHedge is conducting an ICO

As a result of sale of DeHedge tokens a cash reserve of hedging funds is formed. These funds serve as collateral for payments in case of a hedged event.

Start ICO — April, 2018
Participate in the Pre-Sale
Distribution of Funds
Token Distribution

We Respect the Law

DeHedge legally sells its DHT Tokens to US citizens or residents who are accredited investors! We successfully filed Form D and disclosed relevant information to claim the exemption in accordance with US legislation (Regulation D) to be able to sell DHT Tokens to the US accredited investors.
Our project in EDGAR
The DeHedge parent company is registered and the group's head office is located in the UK, the structure of ownership is transparent in accordance with applicable UK law.
All the activities of the DeHedge Group requiring licensing will be carried out only if the necessary licenses are obtained in full compliance with applicable law.


Q2 / 2017
Formation of the Investment Research team and the Data Science department
Start of the development of a scoring model
Q3 / 2017
Testing the scoring model
Q4 / 2017
Development of a platform for hedging risks of investors in ICO projects
Start of work of the investment committee (formation of a collegial expert investment committee)
Q1 / 2018
Launch of the Beta version of the platform
Test hedging ICOs
Launch of the investor's Personal Account within the framework of the DeHedge ICO
Completion of registration procedures in accordance with US law (Regulation D) for the sale of tokens in the United States to American qualified investors
Development of a platform for hedging tokens on the secondary market
Private / Public Pre-Sale
Establishment of partnerships with underwriting pools and liquidity providers
Road Show
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Q2 / 2018
Testing the platform for token hedging on the secondary market
Calibration of the existing scoring model
Road Show
ICO Main Sale
Obtaining the license for an operational company for the core business — financial services
Launch of the hedging platform for tokens on the secondary market
Formation of the secondary market risk management system
Testing options desks on a real portfolio of market risk with the development of a strategy for dynamic DH risk hedging
Building front-to-back business processes
Launch of test analytical coverage of significant ICOs and events affecting the dynamics and cost of crypto assets (available to a limited number of subscribers)
Building cross-cutting, front-to-back business processes to integrate investment research and scoring into the DH risk management system
Formation of partnerships with mining pools
Launch of underwriting and consulting services
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Q3 / 2018
Launch of the DeHedge research portal
Launch of a product to hedge the risks of mining farmsbuyers from exchange rate fluctuations
Completion of automation of front-to-back business processes
Publication in the investor's Personal Account of the first pool of tools available for hedging with DHTs
Launch of the platform Telegram chat-bot
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Q4 / 2018
Launch of hedging on alternative blockchains
Start of development of AI for project scoring
Launch of a mobile platform application
Registration of additional legal entities in the DeHedge group of companies for operations scaling purposes
Publication of periodic materials of investment research for a wide range of investors
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Q1 / 2019
Start of development of a derivatives trading website (based on the decision of the investment committee in case of a shortage of instruments and toolkits on the main platform necessary to meet the needs of platform users)
AI scoring testing
Q2 / 2019
Launch of AI scoring
Development of a Beta version of the derivative platform with full functionality for hedging positions
Q3 / 2019
Launch of a derivative platform with full functionality for hedging positions



Mikhail Chernov

Founder & CEO
Successful IT entrepreneur, founder of multiple startups, experienced investor in equity and cryptomarkets.

Bogdan Leonov

Co-Founder & CCO
Experienced banking professional responsible for relationship management with top-tier clients in a number of local commercial banks.

Dmitry Ansimov

Co-Founder & COO
Ph.D, investment banking professional and a partner of Russian top investment bank Troika Dialog (acquired by Sberbank) with 12+ years track record in Global Markets & IB. 


Mark Feldman

Investment Director
Investment banker with more than 25 years of experience. CEO at Standart Capital Group.

Ilya Makhnachev

Senior Trader
Spent 12 years at top Russian investment bank Troika Dialog as a senior derivative trader and a partner successfully managing multibillion-dollar positions.

Minh Duong

Investment Director
Ex-financial coordinator at Belgravia Wealth Management and financial analyst at the International Development Bank.

Frederic Moulinou

Financial Analyst
Audit specialist, masters in economics.

Evgeny Novikov

Financial Analyst
Has six years of experience working as a trader. Has been investing in cryptocurrencies since 2015. At the moment, is working on scientific research at the Plekhanov University of Economics.

Jeremie Henicz

Financial Analyst
Ex-Advisor in Communication and Lobbying. Bachelor in Political Science from Sciences Po Grenoble University.


Vasilii Artemev

Received his master's degree in software development from Carnegie Mellon University. Developed an architecture for the general distribution of distributed data.

Yunus Zaytaev

Software Engineer
Software engineer with 8 years of experience in several companies.

Rafael Bogaveev

Software Engineer
More than 9 years of experience in software development. Gave seminars on Software Architecture and Objectively Oriented Programming at the University of Innopolis.


Kamil Vildanov

Marketing Director
8 years experience in marketing, founder of an IT-agency and an IT-company.

Danil Lakhomov

Head of Digital-Marketing
Co-owner of marketing agency, cryptocurrencies investor.

Anton Repnikov

Head of PR
Certified reputational manager with more than 9 years of experience.Headed the Media Department of the company InStat - the world's leading provider of football statistics.

Angie Mingazova

International Relations Liaison
Innopolis City foundation participant, expert in international relations.

Roman Bruskov

Internal and external communications specialist at KPMG, head of PR at YK Law.


Maria Andrianova

Head of Legal
12 years of experience in leading international lawfirm and on managerial positions at diversified groups of companies. Successfully supported over 60 projects for a total amount exceeding USD 150 mln.


Jack Hunter

Wealth fund manager with more than 20 years of experience.Senior Partner of Belgravia Wealth Management.Ex-partner of DeVere Group.Ex-director of Rock Financial Associates.

Simon Cocking

Senior Editor Irish Tech News Fintech specialist.

Taras Yakovenko

More than 15 years of experience in the largest financial institutions on the Russian investment banking market in Risk Management and Business Management & Development. 

Maria Agranovskaya

Attorney at Law with 20+ years of experience. Started working with cryptocurrency issues back in 2010.


Minck Vos

Ambassador for DeHedge in Amsterdam
Managing director of a crypto asset fund.More than 15 years of experience in stocks and derivatives trading for several leading companies.

Henrik Andersen

Ambassador for DeHedge in Singapore
PhD, Cryptocurrency and high-tech consultant specializing in evaluating and commercializing new technology ventures.

Eeshan Kulkarni

Ambassador for DeHedge in Singapore
PhD/MBA from the National University of Singapore. High-tech entrepreneur with 5 years of experience managing high-tech spin-offs & innovation consulting.

Loc Dinh

Ambassador for DeHedge in Vietnam
13 years of experience in internet & viral marketing. Founder of "4.0 Investment" Community — one of the biggest cryptocurrency community in Vietnam.

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